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This documentation site is open source. The explains how to contribute.

Travis CI can notify you about your build results through email, IRC, chat or custom webhooks.

Default notification settings #

By default, email notifications are sent to the committer and the commit author when they are members of the repository, that is they have

Emails are sent when, on the given branch:

For more information, please read default email addresses , ELVISWORDS Guitar Printed Vulcanize Shoes Canvas Shoes Safe Payment Sale Clearance Store Where To Buy Low Price Websites For Sale Jez6j
or troubleshooting email notification .

If you add another notification channel, e.g. HipChat or Slack, the default is to send a notification on every build.

You can change the conditions for any notification channels by setting the on_success or on_failure flag to one of:

For example, to always send slack notifications on successful builds:

Note: These webhooks are executed at the end of a build, and not by individual jobs (see KMUYSL Designer Gilrs Canvas Platform School Women Summer Cheap Sale Store Browse 3CB3gvB
). This means that environment variables from the build are not available in this section.

There is currently no way of limiting the notification to a specific branch, but the payload will contain all relevant data to do so at the receiving end (see Shoes mountain bike and pedals for bike riding Collections Sale Online Low Cost Sale Online Buy Online Authentic Clearance Official LhxbG

When posting notifications over SSL/TLS, be mindful of what ciphers are accepted by the receiving server. Notifications will fail if none of the server’s ciphers work.

Currently, the following ciphers (as defined by the 2018 low price China suppliers air style sport shoes road runner sport shoes Visit New Online kqaGBn
) are known to work:

Also, consult NOISYDESIGNS Classic Women High Top Low Style Canvas Shoes Pick A Best For Sale Wholesale Price jy6UXe

If none of the ciphers listed above works, please open a Sale The Cheapest Designer women casual Shoes Flat Platform Wedges canvas Shoes Buy Cheap Extremely KAtpCe088C

All notifications that use HTTP are sent through a proxy with static IP addresess to ensure safelist and firewall rule stability. The current IP addresses are:

Specify recipients that will be notified about build results:

Turn off email notifications entirely:

Specify when you want to get notified :

Pull Request builds do not trigger email notifications.

By default, a build email is sent to the committer and the author, but only if they have access to the repository the commit was pushed to. This prevents forks active on Travis CI from notifying the upstream repository’s owners when they’re pushing any upstream changes to their fork. It also prevents build notifications from going to folks not registered on Travis CI.

These reviewers are automatically added to pull requests that change files along those paths.

If you select Required next to a path entry, then the pull request cannot be completed until:

Select Optional if you want to add reviewers automatically, but not require their approval to complete the pull request.

When the required reviewers approve the code, you can complete the pull request.

In some cases, you need to bypass policy requirements so you can push changes to the branch directly. For these situations, grant the Exempt from policy enforcement permission to a user or group. You can scope this permission to an entire project, a repo, or a single branch. Manage this permission along the with other Cheap Wiki New style durable blank sneakers shoe lightweight fancy sport men shoes Buy Cheap Cheapest Release Dates Buy Cheap Order GPdmI8YEtY

Exempt from policy enforcement


Users with Exempt from policy enforcement permission set to allow can complete pull requests even if the branch policy is not satisfied. Use caution when granting this permission, especially at the repo and team project level.


Can I push changes directly to a branch after a branch policy is configured?

No. After you set up a branch policy, you cannot directly push changes to the branch. Changes to the branch are only made through Professional BIGTREE Women Casual Shoes Flat Comfortable Damping Eva Free Shipping Shop For 47lVh5grE

What is auto-complete?

When a pull request is made into a branch with branch policies configured, the Set auto-complete button is enabled for the pull request. If you don't expect any problems with your changes and you want your pull request to complete once all policies are met, you can set the pull request to 2018 Mesh Mens Sports Shoes for Running and Training Outlet Comfortable Outlet Store Sale Online PmSUIbOX

When are the conditions set in branch policies checked?

Branch policies are re-evaluated on the server as changes are pushed and reviewers vote. If there is a build triggered by the policy, the build status is set to waiting until the build completes.

Can I use XAML build definitions in branch policies?

You cannot use Outlet Prices New design breathable sports shoes for men Release Dates Cheap Price Cheap Price Outlet DaYNrAI
in branch policies.

What type of wildcard characters are supported when configuring required code reviewers?

Single asterisks () are supported, and will match any number of characters, including both forward-slashes () and back-slashes (). Question marks () will match any single character.


Are the required code reviewer paths case-sensitive?

No, branch policies are not case-sensitive at this time.

How can I configure multiple users as required reviewers, but only require that one of them approve?

You can BANGNIFAMILY BANGNIFAMLIY women luxury corium high heel 100% Original Cheap Price 69xpxfK2RH
, and then add the group as a reviewer. Any member of the group can then approve on behalf of the group to meet the policy requirement.

I have the exempt from policy permission set, why am I still seeing policy failures in the pull request status?

Even for users that are exempt from policy enforcement, the configured policies are still evaluated when changes are added to a pull request. For exempt users, policy status is advisory only and will not block completion of the pull request.

Where can I get more information on advanced policy configurations?

Check out the REST API documentation for more details.

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